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A Day in the Life of a Social Media Content Creator

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Working at Gather Social means every day is different, but the day-in, day-out structure is pretty similar, and this blog will go through an average Friday in the life of a Social Media Content Creator at Gather Social. As glamorous as a social media content creator sounds, it’s not all just sitting in coffee shops in front of a laptop, but it is as fun as it sounds…

Friday’s are my favourite day in the office as it’s ‘Shit Job Friday’ at Gather Social (excuse the profanity). The irony is that regardless of the explicit name of the day, it is the most important day of the week. Everyone has their own list of jobs to work through that have accumulated during the week, that need to be completed before the following week. As it’s a Friday, everyone’s more cheerful and happier in the office than usual; the good moods are heightened, ready for the weekend.

So, what does a Friday as a Social Media Content Creator look like at Gather Social?


I start my Fridays like any other weekday, at 6am when my alarm goes off. Living far out of Nottingham does mean getting up early, but thankfully I’m a morning person, so I’m pretty much straight up and out of bed and I make myself a coffee while I get ready. It normally takes me about an hour to get sorted for work in the morning, and I’m ready to set off in my car just after 7am. It takes me an hour to drive to work, but listening to Radio 1 or a good Spotify playlist makes it feel so much quicker.


After scoffing my breakfast in the car, I usually make it into the office at 8:30, kindly greeted by our office dog, Crumpet, who comes bounding up for attention. After some cuddles with Crumpet, I make myself a cuppa, unless someone else hasn’t already kindly done the honours, and sit down at my desk and get my laptop out. Every morning I start my workday by uploading Instagram Stories for some clients and checking their accounts for interactions. I then check our clients' accounts on Buffer, to ensure our clients’ social channels are running smoothly. Sometimes in the morning we peer proofread each other’s work from the day before, to share the responsibility for any minor mistakes made to content and grammar.


Once I’ve finished my morning jobs, I get my shit job list from Danielle, the Creative Content Lead, which normally is pretty much the same jobs allocated for me every week, but if there’s something different, Danielle talks me through it. I start my shit job Friday every week with blogs for a client. I find them ridiculously interesting and I find they get my head in the zone for the day.


Having just finished my probation period, my one-to-one performance meetings with Jules, the Digital Marketing Manager, are now fortnightly, however throughout my probation period, they were weekly. My performance meeting is usually in the morning, around 10:30am, and we spend between half an hour to an hour discussing how the previous week, or two, has been both personally and professionally, and I receive feedback from Jules on my work, and have the opportunity to talk about any issues or topics that I may want to.


After my meeting, I carry on by proofreading my blogs, spell-checking them, and run them through a plagiarism checker. I send them to Danielle to be double-checked and given the green light to upload one to the client’s website. Once uploaded, I created some posts with captions for social media to promote the new blog, and direct their followers to visit the blog site. As the day goes on I work to tick more of my jobs off my list, double-checking content with Danielle before it’s finalised and uploaded.


We all take our lunch break together at 12:30, and depending on the weather, either head to the arboretum in the sun, or sit in the kitchen together, and have a chat. Everyone’s very cheerful and we have a good laugh during the hour.


After lunch, Maddie, a fellow Content Creator, usually has a TikTok planned for the Gather Social account, and whether you are a chosen one to take part, it’s always a good laugh to watch, and can sometimes take a few takes to get right due to the laughing. Around the TikTok filming, I carry on with my jobs, usually at this time I am creating posts for one of our clients; a recruiting company, to promote their new jobs on their website.

After this, one of my final jobs for the day is to create some new content for Instagram Stories for the clients that I post for in the morning. It’s my responsibility to keep on top of this and ensure our clients have fresh and updated content for their Instagram Stories related to what they are currently posting within their feed.


Sometimes around this time, I have some extra training on a Friday with Danielle, especially as I’ve only just finished my probation period, there’s still a lot to learn. The training keeps me on top of clients, and prepares me for work and content builds I could be doing for them the following week.


When I’ve finished my extra training, I finish up with my job list and take some time to check everything’s been done, and collate my links from each job done to send to Danielle and the rest of the team to access if needed. Once I’ve finished my list, I get to go home early on a Friday, which is a lovely end to the week. I tidy my desk up and say bye to anyone remaining in the office, wishing them a good weekend and getting in my car ready to drive home and enjoy mine.

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