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One year in the world of work

This time last year I was amazed to be in the position of finishing university with a career. You hear about many graduates struggling to find a job in what they studied, and unfortunately, this is all so true. I, however, was very fortunate to find a company, like Gather, that was willing to take on a fresh Graduate to train and give endless opportunities too.

Looking back I had no idea what journey I was about to start. I joined Gather ready and eager to learn, but with no real thought to the amount of information I was about to learn or responsibilities I was going to have a year on, and I thank Gather for that. They made the uni to working world transition so easy for me.

Through this year I have learned how to handle my own clients, create builds and content for clients’ social accounts, I’ve written SEO and helped create websites, I’ve created strategies, and built, and optimised Meta ads campaigns. I have found enjoyment in wanting to drive for results and push for those link clicks and traffic going to a client's website. Something a year ago I would have never expected.

I have found myself to have personally grown. I feel more confident in myself and the decisions that I make, along with the confidence to speak up and voice my opinions. I couldn’t have done this without the team at Gather, and the kind environment that they have created.

But this year hasn’t just been work, work, work. At Gather, we LOVE a social! If we aren’t in the office or on a shoot, we are probably at the pub, grabbing some delicious food or doing some sort of activity together - Bongo’s Bingo being my personal favourite. At the start, this really helped me find my feet in the team and get to know everyone outside of the office, you could tell that the socials weren’t put on to ‘make’ everyone get out of the office, everyone wanted to join, and have fun, making Gather such a close-knit team.

I have progressed further than I had expected in my first year in the industry, and I am happy it was with Gather Social. I am looking forward to seeing which areas I progress into more, and plan on pushing myself further in this next year.

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