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Two Years of Incredible Experiences with Gather Social

Two years ago, I accepted a job at Gather Social. At the time, I was over the moon to land my first proper job after university and little did I know that it would not only shape my career but transform my confidence and offer some amazing opportunities. As I celebrate my second anniversary with the company, I am filled with gratitude for the remarkable experiences, personal growth, and lifelong friendships that have shaped my journey.

The opportunity to travel

1.5 years into my role at Gather Social, I left on a sabbatical to travel the world.

I pitched the idea to my MD and I’m so grateful that he believed in my dreams to live out of a backpack and allowed me to leave and come back to my job. Before travelling, I was nervous, excited and didn’t know what to expect. 4 months later and back at work, I've managed to tick 5 countries off my bucket list, made some incredible memories and met lifelong friends.

I can say from experience, travelling and seeing the world teaches you so much about yourself. Things that you couldn't possibly learn in an office environment. The past few months have been life-changing for me and I’m so grateful to the team at Gather for letting me go. It was an opportunity to explore diverse cultures, immerse myself in new experiences, and challenge my own boundaries.

This once-in-a-lifetime experience isn’t possible at most companies. Especially after only a year and a half in the business. When I accepted the job 2 years ago, I had no idea this is what was in store for me, and as I decided to want to travel, I was gutted to think I’d have to quit my job to do so. When it all worked out the best, it totally confirmed that Gather Social was the right fit for me.

Personal Growth and Professional Confidence

Stepping outside my comfort zone has been a recurring theme for me during my time at Gather Social. The fast-paced nature of the marketing industry and agency life has demanded adaptability and a commitment to learning. During the past 2 years, I’ve faced numerous challenges, and opportunities to think on my feet and push myself to acquire new skills and knowledge.

I’m a more confident individual now since working at Gather Social. Whether it’s filming a chatty TikTok in front of the camera, or leading a client meeting. Gather’s supportive environment fostered a culture of empowerment, allowing me to explore my potential and embrace new opportunities and challenges with enthusiasm and my newfound confidence.

Friends for life

In the past two years, I have had the privilege of working alongside incredibly talented and passionate individuals. The people are truly at the heart of Gather. Not only do they share the same love for social media and digital innovation but we have a laugh and they really make the days fly by. We collaborate on every project and work to our strengths. Together we brainstorm creative campaigns, celebrate each other's victories, and support one another during challenging times.

These friendships have extended beyond the office walls too. From networking events in London to gym sessions on a weekend and even accompanying each other to Harry Styles concerts!

In conclusion, my two-year journey at Gather Social has been a transformative experience. From the opportunity to travel the world on a sabbatical to the personal and professional growth I've experienced, and the amazing friendships I've formed, this company exceeds my expectations every day. I'm grateful for the support, empowerment, and endless possibilities that Gather Social provides, and I look forward to the continued adventures and successes that lie ahead.


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