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Based in Nottingham, UK, Gather Social is a hybrid social media marketing agency, with a team of young creative staff and a bespoke social platform. Founded seven years ago, our Managing Director Samuel Evans aimed to disrupt the marketing industry by putting social media at the forefront of everything we do.

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Data Driven,


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"We believe that every employee is special and has a talent
- our job is to help them find it!"

Sam Evans, MD of Gather Social

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1. We believe age is a number and has no reflection of ability.

2. We are here to aid you into the world of work - while supporting you to be the very best version of yourself.

3. A Career at Gather Social is centred around you and your lane.

4. A flexible, understanding and supportive work environment provides a safe space for our staff to excel creatively even when life may be challenging.

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5. We know everyone has the ability to progress. We all just progress at different paces.

6. We 100% believe in our staff and challenge them to acquire responsibility.

7. We adopt a collaborative approach to all projects providing the opportunity to be hybrid marketeers.

8. We offer real creative career progression, responsibility and the opportunity to grow and learn.

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Hard work goes a long way at Gather Social.

At Gather, we offer real career progression and you have responsibility from day one. We 100% believe in our staff and challenge them because age is just a number that has no reflection on your ability.

When you take a job at Gather Social, you will receive full support for yourself and your career. Take a look for yourselves at how several members of the team have grown in our positive, flexible and supportive work environment...