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Stepping up to manage a large account

When I joined Gather Social a year and a half ago my role was very content-based, however, over the past few months, I've had the opportunity to work on one of Gather's largest accounts. Stepping up and taking on this responsibility has come with challenges but has allowed me to grow within my role.

New Skills

During this time I've had to learn new skills at a fast pace, one of these being Facebook Ads. At the start of the year, this was something I had no experience with, however, I now work on the client ads weekly. To grow these new skills I have used Facebook blueprint during my training afternoons. Along with this, I have also had training meetings with Sam.

Having this training and being thrown into the deep end with the responsibility of a large client's ads has allowed me to become confident in my ability to build campaigns, adjust ad sets and understand ads strategies.

Client Communication

Stepping up and taking on this responsibility has meant that I also now communicate with the clients and attend meetings with the clients more often. This has allowed me to build skills in both written and verbal communication. I also now have a greater understanding of what the client's aims are and how we can achieve these using social media and paid ads.

These skills are something I can now use when communicating with any account I manage big or small.

Time management

Going from working on smaller clients and focusing mainly on content creation, to working on a large account, and managing ads has meant I have had to build on my time management skills. I have done this by ensuring that I have a set day each week to go over any new tasks set out by the client, double-check any running ads, and swap out any content. This also works well with the client as they are aware of when is best to send over any requests or ask any questions they may have. This also means I can balance out the rest of my week and focus on the other clients I am working with.

Understanding big budgets

Working on a big account comes with a big budget and this is something that has been a challenge for me. Learning and understanding how to split this over campaigns and ad sets to ensure the best results has been something I have needed support in over the last few months. To overcome this, I sit down with Sam weekly to go over the budgets and to understand what needs to be changed or switch to create the best results for the client.

Over the past few months, I have grown in confidence and knowledge and I am excited to keep working on large accounts and helping these businesses achieve their goals.

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