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Passing Probation at Gather Social

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

The probation period at Gather Social lasts 12 weeks in total and consists of weekly ‘1 to 1’ sessions with Digital Marketing Manager, Jules. Over the course of the 12 weeks, I learnt just about everything I needed to know to be a Social Media Content Creator. Although the training was super fun, starting my first full-time job, paired with a lot of learning, was intense. That’s why weekly check-ins were super helpful to recognise my progress and to keep me on track to pass probation.

Weekly 1 to 1’s

I found there were so many benefits to the weekly sessions with Jules. I was able to reflect on the week, discuss any issues I was having and just, in general, have a catch up about how I was feeling. Jules’ office is a safe space and I felt like I could open up and express what I was struggling with. The sessions also gave me an opportunity to get to know Jules better, resulting in a positive working relationship.

I was really thankful to have the regular 1 to 1 session in my first few weeks because they not only put me at ease but it made starting a new job an overall enjoyable, less stressful process.


Since starting my job at Gather, I’ve developed the skills I learnt at university but I’ve also learnt so many new skills - this is all down to the training I received. New starters undergo training in blog writing, filming, editing, website design and photography. Furthermore, training at Gather didn’t stop once I passed probation. An afternoon every month is set aside for staff to work on any skill of their choice. Whether that be a personal skill, such as growing confidence or a practical skill such as illustration or website design. This training is so valuable and an amazing opportunity for me to grow as a creative professional.

My development during probation

I’ve been really lucky to already see career progression during my first 12 weeks at Gather Social. After my final performance review at the end of my probation period, Jules and Sam presented me with a new role more focused on internal business marketing. This was a super exciting opportunity for me and I was delighted that Sam and Jules not only trusted me to do the job but also thought I was good enough to take on this extra responsibility.

I definitely believe my 1 to 1 sessions with Jules have resulted in my professional and personal development during my first few months at Gather Social. Having regular opportunities to talk to Jules has led to a more supportive work environment and in turn, has led me to where I am today in my role.

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