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Growing with Gather - all things video

My career at Gather Social so far has been full of growth opportunities. After passing my probationary period, I was given the responsibility of looking after Gather’s internal marketing and working more closely with the management team, taking their direction on the business’ needs and supporting their workload. My confidence has come in leaps and bounds since the change in my role and since taking on more responsibility I believe I’m growing personally alongside growing the brand.

I’m enjoying having the creative freedom to experiment on Gather’s social media channels. I’ve had fun on the Instagram stories, joined in on TikTok trends and I’ve been able to decide our video marketing strategy going forward with the business. The short-form video platform, TikTok, is especially a platform that I have developed and where Gather Social has had success. Before I joined the company, Gather didn’t utilise the platform. Naturally, my love for TikTok has blended into my role. What started as an experiment for Gather is now a major part of our video marketing strategy. We have now expanded TikTok as a service to existing clients and we are offering it as a service to newer clients too.

As the business has evolved and team members have left the company, I believe I’ve come into my own with Gather’s marketing. Taking direction from our founder and MD, Samuel Evans, I have refreshed the social channels and brought new ideas into play. The whole team are grateful for the new and improved headshots and overall having a sleeker and cleaner look for Gather across all our digital platforms.

Having studied Journalism at University and specialising in Television Journalism, my skills in video production have come in handy in my role at Gather. I’ve adapted my video skills to the world of marketing and more recently, they have led me to work on not only Gather Social but to assist other team members with clients too. As much as I love being responsible for Gather Social, working on multiple clients is refreshing and keeps the day to day role exciting. Furthermore, the chance to visit different locations for shoots is also fun.

Going forward, I have lots of ambitions for Gather Social and its use of video content. We aim to refresh and rebrand our side project, Spotlight, improving the quality of the podcast and the status of guests we interview. Furthermore, I and the Gather Social team are eager to expand into the world of paid TikTok advertising. Naturally, this is something I would want to learn more about and head up in the business. Having already had numerous opportunities to create Facebook and Instagram advertisements for Gather Social, learning how to create TikTok ads would be another string added to my bow. Personally, during my time at Gather Social, I aim to excel in all things video marketing and become an expert on the TikTok platform.

Lots of exciting things are in the pipeline for Gather Social at the moment. The introduction of an advanced piece of software has created exciting possibilities for The Gather Social Platform, our bespoke scheduling platform, which could aid the business in its plans to expand its video marketing services. The prospect of Gather Social becoming a business offering TikTok services is super exciting for me and I’m glad to be part of the team at such a critical time.

I’m incredibly thankful for the opportunities that I have had at Gather so far and the encouragement and support I have received from management to learn and develop as a person and a professional.

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