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Training and Development

During my time at Gather Social, there has been a wide range of training and development opportunities.

Building confidence

Within my first 12 week probationary period, I had weekly 1-2-1’s with Jules which allowed me to understand where I was at within my role and allowed me to ask any questions, get advice and support both personally and professionally. After passing probation, the support didn’t stop there.

One thing that had come up in many of my 1-2-1’s was my confidence and wanting to build on this. Once a month I am allocated a half-day of training, which I can use to focus on any area I wish. To start with I used this time to watch and learn, ways to grow in confidence. This has been anything from podcasts that had been recommended to me by the team, to LinkedIn learning courses. This is something that has helped me both professionally and personally.

Something else that helped build my confidence was having responsibility. Knowing I was trusted within my role, be it heading up filming or helping to train new starters has had a great impact on my confidence.


The time we are given to focus on training can be for anything I wish to work on or learn, along with building my confidence. I've used this time to learn new skills within Lightroom and other editing platforms. I have spent time learning about goal setting and decision making, all things that I've been able to adapt to benefit me in my role.

Gaining qualifications

Another great opportunity I’ve had during my time working at Gather, is being enrolled on a Chartered Institute of Marketing course with Nottingham Trent University, which allowed me to not only gain a great qualification but also learn a lot about marketing. The course focused on ‘Practical Marketing Skills’ helping me understand the theories such as the 7 P’s, SWOT and also more about the marketing environment. Everything I learned within the 4-week course, I was able to implement within my work here at Gather. This experience pushed me out of my comfort zone and was something I really enjoyed.

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