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My Gather Social journey - from content creator to account manager

Since starting at Gather a whole year ago, it’s safe to say my role has changed quite a bit. From starting in the team working heavily on content creation and assisting on shoots, to a year down the line, things are much different! After passing my probationary period, it was clear that I had a strength in liaising with clients and it was this discovery that lead me to now managing some of our larger clients. My confidence skyrocketed from the constant support and encouragement from the whole team at Gather as I was then tasked with managing our large recruitment client. It made sense for me to take over the project management side of things for this particular project, as I had worked on this client heavily throughout my time at Gather.

My role now involves coordinating with the client in multiple weekly meetings with their CFO and CEO to take their brief, and discuss their long-term goals and needs with us. It’s in these weekly meetings in particular that have developed my role even further. As our recruitment clients are a very corporate large business, it’s really fulfilling that they take on my ideas and opinions and even ask for my thoughts that ultimately decide the fate of their entire marketing strategies and processes. From these meetings, I then filter this into priorities and then feedback to the team on the actionable content that will help create the desired results. From helping the team to create static image builds, to video snippets, entire Facebook Ad campaigns and filming on-location at the client’s headquarters, it’s safe to say my role is no longer just content creation anymore.

Alongside the general project management of the client and ensuring all priorities are ticked off at the end of every day, I was also tasked with rebuilding the client’s entire Facebook Ads strategy alongside our Managing Director, Sam Evans. This involved creating much more specific audiences to ensure their results were as beneficial and precise as possible, as well as creating video content to sit at the heart of their entire strategy. From working across so many different clients, it’s easy to see how the video should be a focal point in any marketing strategy. Focusing heavily on video content suits my role perfectly, as filming and editing are areas I specialised in at university and have since been able to develop this skill even further due to video becoming more and more crucial to campaigns that we focus on.

Fast forward a few months into my new role and it’s truly rewarding to see such great results, especially from the Facebook Ads campaign that I had first-hand responsibility in creating. Furthermore, seeing the client happy and achieving the results they entrusted me and Sam to achieve. I’m also continually developing my relationships with many of our other clients, using the knowledge and experience I have gained from the project management skills I have been exercising over the last few months. I’m truly grateful for all the opportunities I have been given at Gather and I’m excited to see where my new role can take me within the business and can’t wait to spend more time working with the rest of the team at Gather and having a blast.

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