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My 2022 round-up

2022 was a big year for me at Gather, I went from being a Social Media Content Creator to a Social Media and Content Manager. This has been a fun and challenging year, but I have learnt a lot. One of the areas I have enjoyed the most is working on the Pretty Polly account, this blog will go over some of the achievements and areas the team at Gather focused on in 2022.


In 2022 we upped our game when it came to shooting content for our clients, especially Pretty Polly. We had monthly shoot days with the client and created high-quality influencer-style content, this also meant we all worked in front and behind the camera.

Shooting tights isn’t as easy as it may seem, getting the right angles and capturing the perfect image takes some practice. However, with many visits to different locations we managed to master this technique.

One of my favourite on-location shoots we carried out in 2022 was the Halloween/Autumn shoot where the whole team went over to a Pumpkin Patch to capture Pretty Polly tights. We were able to get creative, model the product, style the product and capture some great content. This content then got moved into our organic and paid social strategies and archived amazing results.

TikToks and Reels

TikTok has been the talk of the office for the past few years but 2022 was a year of wins for us as an agency on the platform.

We spent a lot of time creating content for Pretty Polly’s account, again having monthly content afternoons as a team. These afternoons are not only super productive but they also get us all involved and allow us to be creative as a team. Doing this has allowed us to build Pretty Polly’s account, we have recently hit over one thousand followers and have been able to grow their view count.

These afternoons take some planning, but we come together to style the products and scroll TikTok for inspiration and to be sure we are using trending sounds and concepts in a way that fits Pretty Polly’s tone of voice.

Along with this, we repurpose all this content onto Instagram Reels, where the short-form video is really hitting amazing organic results. This year we managed to grow Pretty Polly’s following by 7 thousand on Instagram with the help of the Reels we posted weekly. A huge achievement in 2022 was reaching 1.5 million organic views on one of the Reels we created.

Paid Ads

Another area I have had a big focus on in 2022 was Pretty Polly’s paid ads. With a fashion brand the main focus area for ads is always changing, this meant I needed to be organised, understand the budgets and have good communication with the client.

For each focus area, we ensured we had strong static and video content. Having video content is a key element to the campaigns we put together, this is because they perform well, the audience is drawn to video content and it’s also cheap to run on Meta ads.

In 2022 alone we managed to grow Pretty Polly’s impressions by 522% and link clinks by 501%. If we didn’t take the time to create the static and video content these results wouldn’t be so impressive.

Keep an eye out for more culture blogs to discover more about what we get up to as a team and how we achieve our client's goals.


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