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Being a newbie at Gather

I joined Gather Social at the end of June 2022 as a Social Media and Content Executive, so I’ve nearly been here 6 months, and I can honestly tell you time has flown by. I have jumped from the university culture of lectures, afternoons at the pub, and lie-ins, to the real adult world, with a full-time job. I can safely say I was nervous and excited all at the same time, even though it took a few weeks to adjust, the girls at Gather (and our MD, Sam) made this transition so much easier than I ever expected it to be.

In the first 6 months…

Within the first six months of my time at Gather, I have been thrown right into it. In the first week, I was on-location getting content from one of our biggest clients, making TikToks, content builds, and writing and posting blogs! I enjoyed the amount of trust and responsibility that was given straight away. Alongside all of this, Millie - another new starter - and I, had weekly training and 1-to-1 meetings allowing us to catch up on how I was doing. A really positive thing through this process was how much they wanted to hear from us. For example, what I was enjoying and what I felt I needed more support on. This really showed me how team-oriented Gather was, which is an element I definitely appreciate.

Favourite parts of my job?

My favourite part of my job, so far, is the amount of responsibility I have been given. It’s great to have my own clients, free-flowing contact with them, and the ability to make my own decisions. However, if I did need help someone is always there to give advice. The flexible working opportunities at Gather are great. My commute is 1 hour long, so knowing I can choose when I can come into the office, helps me plan out my week. This also makes the journey seem less of a stretch, (although I love my job so I don’t really mind how far I have to travel). My role at Gather is also so varied. One day you could be on-location taking photos and videos, or you could be making content builds and writing captions. We even make this content live on the client's socials the very next day. And if I do say so myself, this is a very satisfying and accomplishing feeling.

Things I didn’t expect…

One thing I didn’t expect is to have the responsibility for my own clients, this early on. I really enjoy the level of responsibility and trust that is given so early, and I feel it solidifies me being a part of the team, which I am so appreciative of so early on.

The Culture

Finally, I wanted to touch on the culture. Culture is one of the key aspects of Gather. We have a monthly Gather Social day with a team lunch - which is usually Pret, my fave! We also go on team outings, with one of the most recent ones being Bongo’s Bingos. And you can’t forget our amazing Christmas party. We had tapas, went bowling, and played beer pong. These activities aren’t something you’d always find at work Christmas parties, making Gather even more special.

Overall, it is safe to say that it has definitely been an eventful, rewarding, and enjoyable 6 months, and I can’t wait to carry on growing and learning with Gather!

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